Wrath of Treebeard - A Poem

For many lives of men and years of elves I stood.
But now I fear the ents shall fade away.
Times have changed, o little ones,
And yonder lost is my youth,
For in the shadows of these boughs, time has lost its truth.

We ents do not quake in times of need.
We ents do not fear the wars of men and elves.
But we are on no side, do you see,
Nobody cares for the trees, or the forest anymore,
For, you see, little ones, the roots are our people are our lore.

But if the orcs come with iron orc fist
Trees to burn mountain to twist
We ents, we will no longer slumber
But to crash and to roar with rain and with thunder.

How can they, the wizzards mind
Kill our home, kill kill kill.
Well, little ones, we sleep no more
The wrath of the ents is born to war.

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