Words could not console her - Arwen

"Death must come to us all, my Queen,
And would thee have lived to have never seen
The sun in the morn with him by your side,
For with him you lived, and by you he died."

"So slowly may the mortal grief decend,
And bitter are thy tears now, at this end,
But did thee not belive in love,
For 'tis entwined with fate above."

"Please, may no more tears fall,
For happy thoughts thrived in his hall,
And you may weep, and weep and cry,
But your love, it will not die."

"My lady, all good things must fail,
Yet now his star shines bright and pale,
So let his sprit guide thee there,
And feel his hand caress thy hair."

"Always will thy love there rest,
His gentle hand upon thy breast,
So to feel the every beat of thy heart
As to keep thee from the distance apart."

"Forever shall his kiss upon thy lips stay,
Through the mortal night and day,
And see the eyes that his heart knew,
For his sprit is with you."

But these words could not console her, as she weapt into her jet black hair, and her deep blue eyes looked upon the starless sky, and nothing was of comfort to her.
Behind her she could hear her handmaid folding clothes, but her words could not prospone her tears.
The elven queen lurned around, and as the taers in her eyes welled she spoke softly
"Your words can not console me, for he is dead.
And again she turned to her window, lost in a memory or a dream of love and passion, that now lay there. Forever dead.

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