With What Worth Have I Come? - A fallen man's praise to Eru, for the distinction of men and elves

With what thing can one measure
the depth of the endless azure sea?
With what may I endeavor
to seek beyond your mightiest trees?
With foot? or spear? or league? or fence?
With palantir's glowing magnificence?
Must now I stay, or hearken sense?
This I cannot abide

You give them life, eternal beauty
Yet what have we but fistful fury?
You give them laughter, joy content
Yet what have we but morning lent?

But I praise you, I magnify my king
The deeds and heavenly marvelous things
For that which you have given to them
They have no choice, no wilful gem

These words be but of wretched mortal
With what worth have I spoken?
These thoughts flow through a glist'ning portal
of life and living token
With jewels? or gem? or Nauglamir?
With love of beauty? Love of tears?
This I will not abide

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