Why was the Wizard Wroth? - Or, the fall of Sauroman

The Ring was forged by Sauron's hand
A tool to conquer all free land

The power poured in that loop of steel
The hub of an uncontrollable wheel

The Dark Lord's evil mind was catching
All that wore it, to them was he latching

They all succumbed to the Ring's mind
It had them in a terrible bind

Yet Sauroman had never wore it
But its weight he had and hence he bore it

The wizard was poisoned yet he would never touch
The Ring, oh how wicked, denied him that much

The wizard was wroth he couldn't have power
He wanted it more with every hour

So friends, hear the story of Sauroman the White
Who for the Ring sent his troops out to fight

He never even claimed his prize
The Ring, it was so very wize

Betrayed by the thing he wanted so much
but the cold ring of metal he never did touch

At his end he was murdered by Wormtongue the snake
Who realized the wizard, the Ring would he take

The turned-evil wizard's life was lost
Condemmed since the barriers of good and bad he had crossed

The shrieks of Sauroman faded from the air
His life brutally taken but the taking was fair

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