Who am I? - Me

Who am I?

I am a soldier, if a shield I posses
I am a hunter, if my spear I hold tight,
I am afraid, but will never surrender,
Many have I slain, on battle I thrive.

I am an enemy, if you oppse my Lord,
I am a friend, I beside me you will fight,
I am a poet, if a pen is in my hand,
Yet still I am a wander, lost in my own land.

I am a lover, if truth to me be just
I am a carer, if kindness is needed then,
I am a lowly maid, if battle is be scarce,
Yet still the sword doth wield before my face.

I am a thinker, if time at my heart is,
I am everything, and all thet now may be,
For in my own illusion, I am all I belive;
A friend to those who need me,
Loyal to the end.

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