When Luthien first saw Beren - Their firet recognition

Still nightime crept upon the eaves,
Tread softly she upon the leaves,
Footfalls lithe, astounding grace,
Did wish her for sight of her fair face,
Swaying soflty, shadowed hair
Followed her, as she danced there,
When the moon such shone, and the stars so bright
Glistended like the silmirils of the night,
And Beren forgot his weary feet,
Ran forth in joy, his doom to meet,
"Tinuviel!" The motal cried,
Who with her eyes to him replied,
For she, this beauty, heard his voice,
And love of it did she rejoyce;
Elusive she, sweet Luthien,
Who through the starry nights had gone
And danced her song upon her way,
Through the night and through the day,
Sought by this man who loved her so,
More than Tinuivel could know,
Led by chance he saw her tide,
Yet she ran on, her name he cried,
Persued her for many seasons still,
'Till he called her name, she stopped by her will,
And the doom fell on Tinuivel,
For she true loved this mortal well,
Yet of this we shan't talk now,
'Tis another story, another 'how?',
So cast your mind to their meeting place,
Enchanting forest, where he saw her face,
Among the oaken beams stood he entranced,
Beren stood there as she there danced.
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