What Tomorrow Will Bring - a poem of wonder, wisdom, and simple inspiration

What Tomorrow Will Bring

You hear the call
You're a bird with your wings
But I'm gonna see what tomorrow will bring

You have an idea
You watch it take flight
Just make sure to stay grounded as you're holding that kite

You catch a fresh breath
Of a noonday breeze
Just make sure not to follow it too far into the trees

You hear the forest
As it whispers your name
Just make sure you know the rules to that game

As the stars sweep across
The unfathomable sky
Make sure you never doubt it, but only ask why

You sit and watch day
As it turns into night
Make sure you know and belive what's good and what's right

And as you stand and watch for the last time
The sun shrink past a borderless line
You remeber the days you were with me
We waited for what tomorrow would see.

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