What Have You Learned? - Gandalf's Farewell Wish for Mankind

Did I not tell you
Time here is gone in a flash?
Make the most of your life
For soon enough you'll be ash.

Did I not tell you
Death here is not the end?
One cannot truly die
Who has been a good friend.

Did I not tell you
That fellowship could be strong
And that it might right
Very much that was wrong?

Did I not tell you
The least among us could be
Something no one espied,
Someone no one did see.

Did I not tell you
That one so modest and small
Would be braver than most
And could then save us all?

Did I not tell you
A ranger, a huntsman so keen
Would risk life and limb
For friend, truth and queen?

Did I not tell you
Man would be given the duty
To make sure the world
Lives with honor and beauty?

Please now tell me
You can handle the job
Of shining your light,
Holding back the cruel mob.

Please now tell me
This journey, this quest now complete
Was not done for naught
That the ending stays sweet.

Please now tell me
That those who gave their dear life
Sacrificed so you'll not
Know terror or strife.

Please now tell me
As I watch the canvas sails fill
You'll remember the lessons.
Tell me you will.

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