We're out of carrots! - Pippin's lament

We're out of carrots! Oh my, oh no!
Without my carrots, I shall not go!
Those nasty friends, I thought they cared!
If they had asked, we would have certainly shared!
But now- Alas! Too horrible to say!
We shant go with you, go on your way!
We would have liked to help deliver that ring,
But something came up, a most terrible thing!
We're out of carrots, you can hear my stomach growl!
We won't be going, unless you get my carrots- NOW!
The day is dark, though the sun is up,
Without our carrots, how shall we sup?
The carrots, oh no! Where could they be?!
No no, they certainly are not inside of me!
Eat all the carrots? Oh no, we never!
We need those carrots, how could we ever?
My breath does NOT smell so carroty sweet,
How could you think the carrots we'd eat?
We're out of carrots, the thought is too sad!
I'm telling you, a little one is the only carrot I had!
Of course, there are those mushrooms, so tasty..
But I won't eat them all, no, that'd be too hasty.
Maybe I will go, after all....
But not without a nibble, just one so small...
We're out of mushrooms! Oh lackaday!
How ever will we be able to go on this way?
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