Waiting for The Two Towers - An impatient fangirl speaks out!

Why, oh Peter, do you make us wait
through all the seasons of a year?
I look at my calendar and the release date
doesn't seem to be getting near.

Woe be it to the Rings geeks
for we have waited so many long days.
Woe be it to the fantasy freaks,
The Two Towers still seems so far away.

I never knew that a single year
could hold so many days.
I never knew a movie premier
could make me feel this way,

It's only a month, just one more,
and then we can be in Tolkien bliss,
watching with wide eyes his awesome world,
on a day we would never miss.

It seems like I've been waiting forever,
and December is still so far away.
Time seems slowed down so that it will never
be that glorious winter day

when Two Towers comes out for all to see
and I can watch with wide open eyes.
Three hunters, four hobbits, a giant tree,
and a resurrected Gandalf the wise

We waited through the winter so cold,
and the Spring with its lovely flowers.
Now winter is coming as Autumn grows old,
And soon we will see The Two Towers!

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