Waiting For My Love - A poem from a she-Elf to her beloved one who's of somewhere else

"waiting for my love"

how long have i been searching,
searching for one I did not know
searching these green forrests, from mountains high to vallies low

Now a dove rises from a branch
Flying higher and higher as it's twirrling in a dance
As it diseapers in the rays of the blinding sun
Rays fall down on the river wich now shines like it's life has just begun

Like this I wander through my woods and rivers
When I touch the cool calming water my heart rises out to you and I shiver warm shivers
But as the water runs through my hands, so does time
Time isn't immortal as we are
I tried to hide my love for you thinking it would go away now you are so far

But please hurry my love and do come back to me
For now It's clear to me
Without you my immortal life is nothing but a timeless stay
Repeatingly living in a memory of one day

But now there's nothing I can do but to wait in my endless forrest
Enduring the pains the cold lonely night's giving me
But when I look up to the sky and see the stars shine bright I know you'll see
I'm here waiting in my forrest and waiting in my hall
Until it's my name your heart shall call

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