Undomiel, Elessar

Undomiel, Elessar

Where is the elwen?
Where has our star gone?

The taramire has gone away
She to be the queen of her foreign kin

Who has taken our undomiel's heart?
Who has taken the light of the night away?

Her heart foretold that he would come
The son of mortal men who would steal her heart away

Who is this man who has taken our starlight?
Is he mighty and lordly for our daughter of the night?

He is the king long looked for
The mightiest of men of old

Is he not so young in the ladyship's eyes?
Will she not laugh at his youth?

Wisdom rests upon his brow
His age is not counted by the years

The Undomiel and the Elessar
Were doomed to meet one fateful day
Their hearts were entwined together, forever
To the Eldar's dismay


Elwen- star maiden

Taramire- high, lofty jewel

Eldar- ancient name of the Elves

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