I am a warrior standing deserted here,<br /> A trail-blazer in the ways of the dark.<br /> A prodigal daughter, a pioneer.<br /> Lost in this love of being lost.<br /> <br /> I know you want me, I ache for your winning.<br /> I am never coming back;<br /> I was out here from the beginning.<br /> There is no back to come to.<br /> <br /> Alone I stand, and fatherless at last I fall.<br /> An unchosen one cast out in my rags.<br /> I prayed, I sang, and You heard my call,<br /> But hearing your answer, I ran.<br /> <br /> I revel in rebellion,<br /> Throw head back and scream agonized joy.<br /> My life as an angelic hellion,<br /> An orphan by choice, but whose choice?<br /> <br /> I devote my journey to that answer.<br /> There is one story written by the King.<br /> There is but one dance taught by the Dancer.<br /> He knows the story's end, he takes the lead.<br /> <br /> Blind and confused, or perhaps running true,<br /> I fight and die; and if I never can die,<br /> Forever I'll dance the story of You.<br /> Forever I'll twirl at the brink of the void.<br /> <br /> Or if die I must and watch the living through sightless eyes,<br /> Then with joyful agony screaming, rotting in the cold,<br /> I know the creation of life comes phenomenally.<br /> Unchosen for life, but here I lie, chosen for death.<br /> <br /> If it were up to me, it would be up to me.<br /> My choice to make and I'd be right.<br /> But it's not, so I know it cannot be.<br /> I'll just wait and see what You have Chosen.
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