Two Lovers - The farewell of Arwen and Evenstar

Two lovers pace forward
Meeting on a bridge in the placid night...
Is this the last time they will be together?
Is this the last time they will see each other?
"Namàrie," she whispers, letting her hands fall to her sides.
They hang limply, pale and slender, as she gazes into his eyes.
"Arwen..." he murmurs, stretching his own hand toward her.
Into it she pushes her Evenstar pendant, glittering and shining softly in silver.
She looks at him with limpid eyes, bright with unshed tears
She knows that he will not return... All is as she fears.
She stands quietly, watching as he rides away, her heart cold and forlorn.
"Goodbye," she breathes softly.
"My love, Aragorn."
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