To Temptation I Succumb - From Frodo's eyes, Mordor and the Ring.

I wake once more from dreams of darkness, and despair.
My first thought; It consumes me.
The Ring.
So simple, innocent, small at my breast.
In my mind, so huge powerful... so beautiful.
Such longing I have never felt, such lust.
Such elegant alure I have never known...
I must be rid of It, this thing of darkness!
A foul temptress, leading me to deceit.
When shall I escape this fell existence?
This torturous hate, and love...

Ashes and shadow.
All I know, all I am.
The darkness is all that has ever been, and ever shall be.
How was I fooled, in blissful innocence, to believe in light, color, love?
Such things do not hold against the fire.
What is music to hatred?
Laughter to despair?
Why can I not find release from this pain?
Why can I not find rest?

My guide, my will.
Servant and friend.
Gardener, but equal.
He is stronger than I have ever been.
He gives me all the food, most of the water.
It is like bitter filth on my tongue.
Why must he push me?
Why must I go on?
Can it not end, and I be cast into the eternal void?

So I stand here, on the brink at last.
The firey chasm is open, yawning, before me.
For the first time since I took this burden,
I see so clearly what I must do;
Simply cast It to the fire, be rid of It at last!
How deeply do I wish I could.
I was not strong enough. Do not loathe me.
I tried. I failed.
I am sorry.
"The Ring is mine!"

You see Me at last.
Have you recognized Your folly? Seen Your downfall in this frail little hobbit of the Shire?
Take Me! He is nothing against You.
He was not strong enough to resist, and he is not strong enough to wield Me.
I shall return to Your hand at last...
...There, that sad little creature. I took him long ago.
He cannot... No! Too close, too near to the fire!
No! . . .

I wake once more from dreams of darkness, and despair.
My first thought; It consumes me.
The Ring.
I shall never be rid of the longing for it.
I shall never lose the pain.
T'was more than a finger I lost that day of doom.
Lost my hope, my will, my life.
There shall be no rest.
No pardon for my torment.
I am lost.
I can never go home.

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