Thy light doth fade - of Arwen

Cry not for misfortune, nor seldom care
Why do thy tears weep upon the mourning air?
Why do these trees shroud thee,
Elven queen so bright
Was it always said of thee:
'Shall never wan her light'?

Cry not for pain, yet brone away
Upon the narrow elven way?
Was the life that knew always thee,
Elven queen so fair
Was it always said of thee:
'Her song is soft as midnight mere'?

Cry not for youth, nor never cast
Thy heart into the mortal land?
For like the mortal elf before thee,
Elven queen so lost
Was it always said of thee:
'That star shall never frost'?

So, my queen, thou mortal maid
Life long love is now display'd
In the reflection of mortal grief;
Love hath left thee sad belief.

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