Thoughts From Atop Hollin Ridge

<p>From clifftop here I gaze, alone,<br /> Across the fields of broken stone<br /> across the high and barren heath<br /> Into the North where, faintly wreathed<br /> by Valar's Sickle and Durin's Crown,<br /> the Pole Star hangs, and there around<br /> The heavens pivot in their flight.<br /> As eve surrenders into night<br /> Up mounts the Steersman of the Sky<br /> Far freer, in his way, than I<br /> and designates his nightly quarry,<br /> His to chase until his starry<br /> hunting grounds are razed by dawn.<br /> Then He must flee, or look upon<br /> The face of She who spurned his games,<br /> Rewarding his romance with flames.<br /> Diminished and cast off, he turned<br /> To night flight. Better alone than burned.<br /> <br /> I think on this familiar theme<br /> Till up between the peaks a gleam<br /> Announces E&auml;rendil's rising.<br /> I think of Elwing, her devising<br /> Magical and silvered wings<br /> to fly to him, above all things<br /> Forsaking earthly peace and ease<br /> to risk the perilous stellar seas<br /> For his sake, patiently abiding<br /> lonely journeys, moon's-wake riding.<br /> <br /> Stories only. A children's fiction.<br /> For I see only contradiction<br /> between E&auml;rendil's mythic wife<br /> and female ways in waking life.<br /> We watch the sun, daily chased<br /> By him she callously defaced<br /> And stars, alone, forever dwell<br /> in breathless heights of Tarmenel<br /> But none have ever witnessed this:<br /> Fealty spanning the abyss.<br /> <br /> I'll keep my doubts and watch the sky<br /> Until the day I see a woman fly.</p>
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