This Darkness of Mordor - A poem through Frodo's eyes by RangerofIthilian

This Darkness of Mordor, my eyes seek to penetrate
a shadow without a gleam of faint hope.
I suffer so greatly
at the hand of this tormentor.
The Ring, cold and heavy around my neck
and in my mind a craving for it's coolness
to caress my finger
and sudden my finger caresses it.
and then I am alone, and comfortless without desire
for it, save one light and hope only,
His warmth gentle beside my as he slumbers.
His will escaping this nightmare in sleep.
I wish also to escape, but alas, I cannot.
A great eye, steadily burning, and a Ring of Fire, forever in my mind. Yet when I do escape
to th realms of slumber, nightmares from which
I would not, cannot, awaken plauge me.
and awaken I would never, and be driven to madness, if not for my only, my love, my

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