This Armor of Mine - Pippin puts on the armor of Gondor

This Armor of Mine
by traz~~~

This armor that they gave to me,
It does not fit me right.
A soldier I'm supposed to be,
Prepared to stand and fight.

This helm, too big upon my head.
The hauberk, it's too loose.
Allegiance sworn, but daring fled.
How can I fill these shoes?

Back home by Shire reckoning,
I'm only just a 'tween.
How could I know what I'd become?
How could I have foreseen?

Oh Merry, can you picture me
Arrayed in such a way?
A soldier I'm not fit to be!
My fear, it will betray.

But oath was sworn, pledged fealty,
In payment of my debt,
In honor of a Valiant man
In whom I'll ne'er forget.

So, willingly I'll don this suit,
In memory of one
Who gave his life for two so small,
Until my service, done.

This armor that they gave to me,
I guess it fits all right.
I'll do my best to fill these shoes,
When needed, I will fight.

And if I make it home one day,
No longer 'tween I'll be.
A battle weary soldier, grave.
No one would disagree.

But how I'd long for years gone by,
With carefree days galore!
Yet maybe they'll be back again
When peace returns once more.

This armor that they gave to me,
It fits so perfectly!
I'll wear it, and I'll gladly fight
For peace eternally!

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