There Is A Land

There is a land that never ages,<br /> unchanged it is between the pages.<br /> <br /> Fresh and alive from the first time we looked<br /> into the heartbeat of Tolkien's book.<br /> <br /> We grow older, but not our hearts.<br /> The wonder and magic never departs.<br /> <br /> There is a cord that ties us there<br /> untangled from all the world and its cares.<br /> <br /> Unseen it may be but it feeds our dreams,<br /> more in common with our childhood it seems.<br /> <br /> A fragrance is mixed from our infancy<br /> adding strength to years that have yet to be...<br /> <br /> binding us tighter to Middle-earth<br /> feeding our hunger for greater worth.<br /> <br /> copyright 2004 by H.R. Peters, The Songs of The Shire vol. I<br />
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