The Young Ride off to War

<br /> They ride far off to battle<br /> Barely old enough to be men<br /> And as they hold their head up high<br /> Our love with them we send<br /> <br /> They speak of valor, truth and honor<br /> They speak of not what they know<br /> These are thoughts imbedded deep<br /> By the rulers who remain in tow<br /> <br /> Far behind the young ones<br /> Their voices ring high and shrill<br /> And if the young lay dying alone<br /> Would they continue to hear them still?<br /> <br /> So easy it is to do as they say<br /> and heed not for what they do<br /> If the Masters are kept away from war<br /> Will their slaves remain still true?<br /> <br /> For who shall fight for freedom<br /> If the young are all gone and lost?<br /> Will the Masters learn the meaning of<br /> What the lives of their slaves have cost?<br /> <br /> There has always been and will always be<br /> This thing that goes round and round<br /> For it seems through all the long ages<br /> One country is always war bound<br /> <br /> Believe in your Gods or statues or Earth<br /> Pray hard to whom you will<br /> Keep them close as they ride away<br /> So the young will return young still<br />
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