The Years Run Away From Us - We all grow older, but few of us have that next place to go.

The Years Run Away From Us

Another year has rolled around.
A winter, summer, spring, and fall,
That run in circles all year round
I used to run, but now I stall.

As I realize what fate has stashed-
That time has made me older,
I stop and think of things long passed,
When I was so much bolder.

Yet every moment is a year
Away from just a year ago
So every second's new year's eve,
and new year's day also.

I gaze out into the sea
About to step onto the ship
That will very soon take me
To a place there is no time.

Note: the last line is not . . . exactly . . . correct, it's the feeling of it that I'm refering to. If you follow me.

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