The Wrath of the Band - Frodo's Sorrow

The Wrath of the Band

I travel on to Mordor, that forbidden distant land
I'm becoming overcome with evil from the treacherous band
It sways ever mercilessly on the golden chain
I must bear this burden for I am the keeper of Isildur's bane

My small fingers are drawn to it, they cannot pull away
They grasp the ring within the night and even in the day
I can feel the ring wherever I go, it makes my sad heart pound
It's heaviness is growing still, it pulls me to the ground

I slip and fall upon the rocks, the bruises swell on me
I look straight up into the sky, a blackness is all I see
Then I hear a woefull cry that echoes in my ear
Up ahead down the path the creature Gollum is I fear

I know why he cries that anguished cry, the ring has his soul as well
He has no more tears to shed, yet his eyes do greatly swell
He calls me Master, yet I don't know why he grovels at my feet
Is it because of the ring, the band he cannot defeat?

I look down upon his face, and pitty I do feel
All his suffering that took place, was it really real?
And I look down yet again and know that it is true
That he has suffered more than I, yet I suffer too

Then there's Sam who comforts me, he tries so to be cheerful
But he must know I'll never be, because my heart is fearful
I see it so upon his face, I bring him so much sadness
I attack him because he tries to save me, he then cries tears of wretchedness

He cries to me, "It's your Sam" But I seem not to hear
The ring is overtaking me, it whispers in my ear
Happiness has drained from me, no one else will understand
This is why I never smile, because of the wrath of the band

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