The world behind a veil - Mithrandir's despear

The elvens speak of the ruin of all
and men speak of incredible power
with tender words they all summon death
what is to become of this world as we know it?

Is middle-earth bound to fall?
the faith of our fortune is to the ruin of all.

If our death is what shall come to pass
joy and laughter cast aside
where will our bodys trouble other with grief?
will our souls visit the lands og the west?

our faith is unknown to me.
I can only see a grey veil in front of my eyes.
will better times arrive, or is this the end?

Kallasilya, malarauko, ilfirin - the silvershine of the lands of the west shall hold Mithrandirs soul, for he fell fighting the balrog of ancient times. this gives him immortality, and he will always be remembered.

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