The Woodland Realm Dance

<br /> As fire flickers through the night<br /> The shadows dance and smother light<br /> The leaves stir slowly in the wind<br /> The dance of hope shall now begin<br /> <br /> With flaxen tresses, soft and smooth<br /> Slowly bodies begin to move<br /> Dance in circles, embers glow<br /> Passionate feelings fill them so<br /> <br /> Brilliant bright stars looking down<br /> Their circle of light is yet to be found<br /> Silent as whispers the trees gather near<br /> Friends are close! There is nothing to fear!<br /> <br /> With the morning frost, the fire fades fast<br /> Sadly this evening was not meant to last<br /> But with a new day, a new evening pursues<br /> And the Woodland Realm dance shall begin anew!<br />
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