The woes of Melkor - An elegy in ballad stanza of Melkor in the cold and the dark of the Void

O lost! o Arda fair beyond
This wall of woe so high!
Alas I marred such love and bond
Of me and that so nigh!

So near at hand, but lost! o lost!
For evermore shall I
Dwell here in yearning years of frost,
In darkness slowly die.

Admit do I the pain I brought
To Eä that was mine,
Of hatred bred and wrath I wrought
And set in hearts once fine.

Such deeds I did and now I mourn
For loss of blissful days,
When world was young and lands just born
And I was free always;

O Eru, sire! o pity me!
I'll prove to thee my heart:
I'll make the brooks on merry leas,
I'll give them all my art!

O sire! o give me back the days
When I was young and free!
I'll prove my heart to thee always
Though dried be seven seas!

O lost! o Arda fair and free
Where under star and moon
I walked in ages fair and free
For thee shall I then croon.

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