The Witch King of Angmar

One rises above the rest,
Foulest and blackest star,
Strongest and mightiest of them all,
the Witch King of Angmar.
Minas Morgul,
Tower of sorcery dark,
Imprisoned in dead moonlight,
To death he shall never embark.
The one no living man,
Can hinder nor slay,
Mantle with a hidden face,
Fear no one can say.
A king of old,
Weaker than now,
For Khamul, his second in command,
Sauron will show them how.
How to destroy Gondor,
Kill the White Rider,
Osgiliath must first be taken,
Yet they must watch out for an eligable fighter.
Gothmog will lead the Morgul-host,
To burn the white tree,
Khamul will patrol the skies,
To find the missing key.
To burn this world to a dark and barren land,
Dust, ash, fire,
He will slay them all,
And set their bodies on a burning pyre.
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