The Winds of the Earth - Frodo's Thoughts in Lorien

The winds of the earth are blowing hard,
The lands are weeping at the turn of tides,
I hear the howling, crying voices,
Of the four winds as they fight,

From the East I feel the sting,
Of the cold, cruel winds of change,
Seeking to find me, fallen to my knees,
In a golden wood, hidden away,

Their searching fingers seek ever closer,
Scanning the gray skies above,
Coming down to scar the Earth,
And chase away all love,

From the North comes a soft voice,
Of a wind bringing tidings of home,
There I once lived a happy life,
But only the wilds will I now roam,

I frown as I remember happy times,
In that green land so far away,
When I knew how to laugh and how to sing,
And with a smile, greeted new days,

I close my eyes and try not to weep,
As I think of things long gone,
Green grass, blue skies and the peace,
When the North wind sang its song,

I turn to the South but feel a breeze,
Telling of an evil drawing near,
A once happy place has lost all hope,
And now brings a shadow of fear,

In days gone by I would have smiled,
To feel the southern wind,
But now I shudder at its hopeless voice,
Crying that all life will soon end,

But from the West I embrace a wind,
That brings with it the salt of the sea,
I can almost hear the gull's wild cries,
As its presence rushes through me,

I feel it coursing through the leaves,
Trying to find a way,
To bring me life and new strength,
And cast all evil away,

As I sense it I know that I must go on,
For behind me will always be,
A soft warm breeze from the west,
Bringing hope from the endless green sea.

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