The Wayward - Inspired by notes from the Silmarillion

Awaiting the coming of twilight
Of twilight after dawn
The hour beginning the end of our time
A time that lingers on

Awaiting the coming of twilight
Of twilight, and of shade
In darkness our fathers were born on this earth
In darkness their bodies laid

For what did they fight but eternal night?
For what did they perish in flame?
They looked to the West but found no rest
For the twilight never came

Awaiting the coming of evening
In shadows they abide
Awaiting the hand of fate to stay
The overwhelming tide

Awaiting the coming of Rana
The wandering and wild
Awaiting the one who was born to find
The weary, wayward child

For what did they die under mountain and sky?
For what did they battle and war?
They looked to the East but found no peace
For the Wayward was no more

Awaiting the coming of twilight
A herald seen afar
Awaiting the coming of things to be
The ending of those that are

Awaiting the coming of twilight
With ever-searching eyes
A secret and silent vigil keep
Till day is done, and mortals sleep
For out of shadows, dark and deep
The Wayward one will rise

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