The Unforging of the Ring

<br /> -o-<br /> <br /> Over forbidden mountains black<br /> By cursed road and twisted track<br /> We must go on, without the dawn<br /> To take this thing of evil back<br /> <br /> Far from the hope of home and Shire<br /> Following roads of peril dire<br /> Still we must press, the wrong redress<br /> Deep in the mountain's ancient fire<br /> <br /> Beyond the help of council wise<br /> On stony bed, 'neath hidden skies<br /> We will not fall, for past the pall<br /> The bright and blessed stars yet rise<br /> <br /> Though darkness light and laughter take<br /> Though courage fails and feet may quake<br /> It cannot end, we will not bend!<br /> Our hearts are set, they cannot break.<br /> <br /> Through journeys cold and comfortless<br /> And onward to the dark abyss<br /> 'Neath mountain's shade, the sun will fade,<br /> But we will climb and conquer this!<br /> <br /> In triumph's hour all hope has fled<br /> As here we lie on stony bed<br /> Our hearts are light, we conquered might,<br /> Though life for us is gone and dead.<br /> <br /> Though fading from our mortal eyes,<br /> We glimpse the dawn through smoky skies<br /> The light has come! Our task is done!<br /> On eagles&#8217; wings our spirits rise.<br /> <br /> -o-<br />
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