The Sound of Silence - Not all those who wander are lost

"Oh stars of glory heavens!
The darkness me ensnare
I seek you, stars, to ease
The burden my heart bares.

The Sun was once before me,
The light of splendid dream
And as I walked among the trees,
It glittered in the stream.

And stars on starry nights
Shone bright on heaven clear
As I there danced in moonlight
Without no sorrows tear.

Those days are all gone now,
Along with joyful times
For now I walk in fear
As loneliness me binds.

Thus all the stars have faded
The ray of light gone out
And the hope within my heart
Replaced by fear and doubt.

The flowers of the forests,
Now blossom there no more
The birds have stopped the singing
The waters no longer roar.

I hear no echoes in the world
Not even of war and violence
Nothing can be heard this sorrows night
Nothing, but the sound of silence."

By: *Nienor_Níniel*

thankful for all comments

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