The Song of Lady Daewen - A poem about an Elvish maiden who is in love with Aragorn, but despairs because she thinks he doesn't love her.

Lady Daewen lost in shadow
For thine love hast so left thee
Gone forever from your life
It was never meant to be

Full of despair and sorrow
Into the shadows you retreat
There you weep your bitter tears
So honest and so sweet

With broken heart and spirit low
You sing a sad sad song
You sing of the golden warrior
You're love that's now long gone

Did he ever love you?
For your heart he did so scar
When you found his love belonged not to you
But to Arwen Evenstar

You beg for death to come to you
As you cry and mourn
Thinking of the man you love
Your dearest Aragorn

Thy hair like golden autumn leaves
Thy spirit bright and true
Thine heart belonging to the man you love
Though he is not in love with you

With empty heart and grieving soul
You cry yourself to sleep
Wishing for Aragorn to return to you
A love that you can keep

The next day your love does come
To carry you away
And ride off on his noble steed
Into the break of day

He walks into your sleeping room
And kneels beside your bed
Touching your stone cold frozen face
For from grief he finds you dead

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