The song of her - Not really lotr and written in old english, but you may like :)

Yon sits alone, shee stands there,
Ere the moon doth glow,
And cast about its embers
To the mourning world below,
And thrice as shee sat crying,
The heather for her chayre,
I sang my song of sorrow
Carri'd loft upon the ayre.

O'er paitient voices
Doth sorrow softly steep,
Amid the fields and people
As this lone maiden weeps,
As if shee heard a banshee
Come upon the night;
Yet 'tis not this she weeps for
Under cold moon light.

And oft as she did list'n
I knew she felt my song,
For 'twas the pain did call me,
Did call me all along;
For she is all alone now,
Lo! I pray her die,
'Tis sad a song of sorrow
Should float so on the skye.

And so in solice shee I left,
To weep about his lowe,
Where the dead lay sleeping,
Sleeping far below,
And I shall henceforth bear her,
And charms shall her lay safe,
To spare her to be haunted,
To tear her from her faith.

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