The Sea is Calling - Frodo, but also all who travel there, elvish or Ringbearer . . .

The day grows old, and so do I,
Wand'ring beneath the darkened sky,
Searching for what is Lost to me -
Yea though I seek through eternity.

Now I gaze out; I behold the sea:
Rolling and plunging and calling to me.
I know that from here I must get away;
In my old home I can no longer stay.

I call my farewell to those I love,
But I'm heard not, below or above;
For my voice is lost in the water's roar -
And I am left to myself forever more.

I bend down; spray splashes my face,
At last I am ready to leave this place
My time is done; there is no more,
Save to leave the haven of this shore.

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