The Rohirrim Horses Prayer - My Little Poem About The Rohirrim Horses

Hail, dear Eru up Above! Send down your never ending love.
May my Rider take care of me. May my Rider see the beauty in me.
If today is training day. I pray that they will use a soft bit, I pray.

The Rider should feed me and I should get groomining.
The hay I should get should be good chewing
Will today be a good time, will there be a battle chime.

And as Rohrrim Horse, what will be today's course.
I can jump and run. I could stand too long in the sun.
If I were to die. Would the Riders cry?

I may go to the Throne Room, I may look at a weaving loom.
I could go with my owner to the pub for a Ale. I could give Éomér & Éowyn a Hail.
Eru I think I am Blessed. Horses in Rohan are treated best.

Yet I say this little prayer. So no trap do I get snared.
With this praise, I know I will be correctly raised.
I hail you Eru, Lord. May no evil ever cross the Rohan Ford

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