The Ring's Journey - From the forging to its destruction

The Mountain of Fire
The Cracks of Doom
Amid an ashen-gray land
A place full of gloom

There in that mountain
Of great size
Was forged the Ring
Lord Sauron's prize

He didn't know it then
What would become of his Ring
How it'd get chopped off his finger
And drown in the Anduin

Then fate took it's course
The Ring found a friend
But the cost of that present
Was more than it should've been

To a hobbit it came
And there it stayed
But in more pairs than one
Of hands it was laid

From the Shire it went
On to Rivendell
Eventually Caradhras
Then on to Galedriel

An unbearable burden
It soon became
But the bearer held strong
Till his right hand was maimed

And then came the End
The End of the Age
When the Ring was destroyed
And good came again

The Towers had fallen
The Eye saw no more
The Nazgul defeated
The orcs dead in their lore

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