The Quest To Destroy The Ring - A poem by me LOL

Samwise the brave,
Gollum in his cave,
Frodo and the ring,
Aragorn as king,

Pippin rather humerous,
Orcs very numerous,
Merry and his apples,
Gandalf setting good examples,

Boromir and his sword,
Gimli never bored,
Legolas and his bow,
To Mordor they will go,

There will be tough battles,
But they will stay strong in their saddles,
Together they will stand,
They will stay hand in hand,

Through dark times they will fight,
Throughout the day and throughout the night,
They will not complain,
They will weild the flame,

Many enemies will they meet,
But Sauron they will defeat,
And in the end they'll return home to their families,
Yet they will never forget their memories,

Of the quest to destroy the ring.

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