The Piercing Glare of Death - The Destruction of the Ancient Realm: A Prophecy Fulfilled

Mighty was his steel
He fought with pride
Against the tide
Of the armies of the Ancient Realm.

He would never fear
A stronger arm
For none could harm
The great warrior with the piercing glare.

Fire was in his eyes,
And when he fought,
It would burn hot
And his foes would despair and fail.

Cruelty was his law.
All he would hew,
And all they knew
Was that Death had found them in the end.

Soon the time would come
And in his eyes
The flame would rise
And burn all who would be near him then.

Flesh would burn, and bone,
And in the light
Of fallen might
The destruction and the fall of Men.

Prophets saw his light
And they would scream
For it would seam
That all hope was gone with no return.

Stars would fall to earth,
The end at hand.
And God's command
Would reveal the warrior's face to them.
And their lights would all then cease to burn.

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