The Passing of the Ring - Of the Fields of Cormallen when the Ring passes from Middle Earth.

Like a swift mountain stream trickling down jeweled stones
A sound so fragile, so clear my soul rejoices,
Ascending into the glorious heavens above.
And within, my heart shatters into a million pieces.
But not in agony, but with happiness, a feeling so warm and bright
Tears of joy stream down my face.
And my sullen and starry eyes burn with a flame re-kindled.
The shrill cry of a bugle, like a bluebird's hymn to sunrise,
Announcing that darkness has fled and a new day has begun.
And as this golden thread of melody echoes throughout a land of shadows
Beams of scarlet sunlight pierce the mist shrouded fields and vales
Bringing to them the glory of morning and the joy of freedom.
And the trees, cloaked in shimmering dewdrops,
Are clothed in a veil of diamonds.

By Emily Port.

Please comment!! Could someone translate this into Quenya/Sindarin for me?


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