The passage of time

"I dreamt of elven singing,
Of forests, age old trees,
Of dancing and of feasting
Among the spring time's breeze."

"I saw the flowers of summer,
I saw the roses bloom,
The sweet elven harps were playing
Under a brilliant moon."

"I walked as the last leaves were falling,
My autum amber crown,
Carried as the boughs were swaying,
Adorned with the russet hues of brown."

"I knew that the winter coming,
The onset of the mortal dawn,
I Knew the ships were leaving
As my new life was born."

"I bade farewell to my father,
Felt the tears well in my eyes,
He knows I'm not now immortal;
I told him my star never dies."

"I saw my people leave this land,
To seek immortal bliss,
Autumn hath passed, this is winter,
Did I truely desire this?"

"Yet the love I held hath kept me,
Undying in our hearts,
The passage of time is a swift one,
But what never ends never starts."

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