The pain of the Ringbearer - As he wished for death before the end.

Ever dreaming
For sorrows death
This deed of darkness:
Life with pain, forever sense
The eye, that always watching is.
Mountains shall fall, and die shall stars.
Answer, great powers as I now plead. Darkened
Shadows will haunt, listen, and black wraiths! I beg
Thee now; Take torment and pain form this life, Death.

Death, life, this. From pain and torment take! Now thee
I beg wraiths black, and listen, haunt. Will shadows
Darkened plead now? I, as powers great awnser
Stars shall die, and fall shall mountains.
Is watching always that? Eye, the
Sense, forever? Pain with life,
Darkness of deed. This
Death, sorrows for
Dreaming, ever

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