The One Ring - a poem...

In Mordor, that dark and shadowed land
A ring was forged by Sauron's hand
Compared to none yet awesome to all
A golden band to make men crawl
Reflecting its lustrous sheen in your eyes
It ensnares your will and feeds you lies
`Now in my grasp I hold power great'
So you say as you decree your fate
But this you know not of, you do not see
A corrupted soul is what you shall be
So beware of this evil, so simple and small
If you take it in then you will surely fall
A physchological power of supernatural might
It obscures your vision and destroys the light
Think not that it will save you, it only brings hate
For `twas hatred that forged it behind the Black Gate
A malicious evil seeping into your skin
If not unmade in Mt. Doom, Sauron will win
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