The one for me - A poem about Arwen and Aragorn and their eternal love

Love flows out of me
And pours into an overflowing sea
When I see your eyes the day becomes clear
I am safe no matter what danger draws near
In my heart I know you are
The only one for me, my Elessar
And in the moonlight I see your face
And I rejoice in the happiness of our embrace
Though it is forbidden I love you still
I will go against my father's will
You offer me something the Valinor cannot
Over this decision I have become distraught
But no, I will go with my heart
With you I cannot bear to part
Our love blooms like sweet elanor
And grows richer evermore
So now our hearts will become one
And I shall live in the web I have spun
Love me now & never leave me
For without you I can no longer be
Our love is so pure & true
And I am glad that I chose you
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