The Olórë Mallë - a poem

Olórë Mallë, Path of Dreams
Where naught is really as it seems
Is where I go when night is deep
And folded in the mists of sleep.

O silver-threaded moonlit way!
O stairway lit with white star-spray!
When I sink into the night's deep spell
I shall go to that place where no evil can dwell.

The flower-twined gardens beyond the Day
Is where each night I find my way.
With mist enshrouded forests bright
And silver umbels twinkling white.

That land where shining fountains spring,
Where golden flowers new scent bring.
Where cherry blossoms with silver leaves
Flutter upon the wings of trees.

Where a sylphine maiden's diaphanous sheen
Shines down upon the unfading green.
And then her shoon on argent feet
Dance on the moonlight's silver street.

But yet each morning I awake
And wonder at the Path I take,
For what I trod alone each night
I keep in my heart at the breaking light.

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