The Northern Waste - Cry of those who crossed the Helcaraxe

The Northern Waste

Air--cold as death burns our lungs
Chasms deep into the earth appear before our feet
Mountains of ice stand before us in the day
Shadow shapes rule the night

We are a hardy people but some have fallen
Bitter cold took some
The shadow shapes took others
We will continue our path to the end

We will fight the cold
We will conquer the shadow
But can we face our destiny
Will we rise above our doom

Why did we listen to the call
Why did we not stop our ears at his folly
Alas we harkened
We must taste the cup of judgment

Our way is bitter--the end uncertain
The pain of ice and freezing air bites our bodies
But it is the pain of betrayal that wounds our spirits
Our anguish, our struggle is for Feanor's treachery

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