The Nazgul ride again - Beware ye now.

Black shrouds of rotting cloth clothe them,
Toutured souls within,
No memory of regal glory,
Of kings they were once kin.

Rabid horses bear them,
To shadows of the night,
Mourgul blades defend them,
Bring death to thoes who fight.

Fear of them shall eat you,
When you hear that cry,
Never safe within yourself,
Willing you to die.

Towards your deepest nighmare,
Beyond they push that bound,
Keeping you in hells grasp,
Shaking upon the ground.

The Nazgul will defeat you,
Devil's putrid breath,
And all the world shall leave you,
And you shall long for death.

Beware ye, for they ride now,
Risen from the tale,
Upon the roads and streets,
Beware ye, for they ride now,
Risen from the dark,
Never, ever safe now,
For the Nazgul ride again.

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