The Morannon - Ch 3: The end of All Things

"Frodo" they cried,"Frodo has won!"
I could not believe it,
As Sauron was shunned,
Shunned into little bits.
but the orcs started to run,
A troll stepped on my son,
I looked in agony,
At the End of All Things.
The towers of teeth,
Fell in sleeth,
As Mount Doom exploded,
Then I saw a little halfling get pulled out from under a troll,
And I saw him cry,
For his best friend had died.
Doing the impossible,
Yet death was still possible,
It had visited him this day,
But Gandalf did not stay,
He mounted on Gwaihir,
With the help of Nessa, the deer,
He flew to Doom,
He rescued the hobbits from their gloom.
Yet reality set in,
I remembered my son,
I ran to his dead body,
But on him did not fall the shine of the sun.
So I put my head on his chest,
and I wept and wept,
Still at my post,
I weep for my son.

Even now, in the dark of night, I weep for him,
For not all tears are an evil.

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