The Lost Legend - A poem of Frodo's tragic hero life

Once in the world he was sorely needed
when the shadow of Mordow advances for feat;
Twice he considered, thrice he heeded
Then stepped boldly forward, never to retreat.
Prince of the Shire they called him
who never waver before the evil.
Through doom and pain he forged through
When the day came for the dazzling ray -
The task completed, the Quest fulfilled
the ring-bearer laid down his burden;
Folks rejoiced and praised and danced
and engaged back in peace.
The hero is abandoned, the hero is alone
now that fate had brought him through;
Alone is he in his fear and despair
with wounds that never recover;
His tale is quickly forgotten
his name hidden in time;
His history transformed into legend
and legend turned to myth
So ends the history of the great hero
Proud, erect and alone.

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