The Lay of Liniel the Fair - An Alteration of 'The Lay of Luthien'

When the moon of white
Shone down upon the earth,
A shining girl would be in sight
Dancing, as from her birth.

Her raiment was of silver light,
Her skin of ivory fair,
On her crown there shone bright
Stars that adorned her golden hair.

Liniel was her name of old
And to dance her one desire.
Yet a dark future had been foretold
For short would be her spirited fire.

Her dancing led her to a hill
And there she beheld her doom.
Long she paused and stood so still.
The world waited; the flowers failed to bloom.

In fear she fled on shoes of moonlight grey
And doom in shadow came.
She danced and twirled away, away, by moon and light of day.
And yet she stopped when she heard her doom call her by her name.

So doom came on Liniel the Fair
And the moonbeams fled from the earth.
Yet still she dances, still somewhere,
Dancing, as from her birth.

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