The Last

Disclaimer - Does anyone else find these really annoying? ,_, I know, I know... Not making anything but myself happy!

Ok... Well, I'm wrote this after doind what I thought was too much work in a maths lesson. Not that I don't like doing Trigonometry, its just after doing 30 questions it gets boring. Its a strange rhyming pattern really - I just wrote what was whirling in my mind. So You'll have to excuse me. ,_,

Anyways, enough of my rambles!

The Last

Standing here now on the brink of the world;
Lanterns are fading, white gulls are wailing.
Watching the last of them forever leave home;
Silver shores calling, shadows are falling,
As Man's last Hope
Lays sleeping -
No more dreaming;
And the Evenstar mourns.

Hearing the cold wind blow through dead trees;
No nightingale singing, no light soft and winging.
Feeling the last of her life pass before her;
Sighing and worn, tired and torn.
As Gondor's Queen
Starts riding -
Through twilight sliding;
And the Evenstar mourns.

Quiet hoofs falls on once golden leaves sound;
Gently breathing, sweetly recieving.
Light steps 'neath bare canopies once full;
Sunlight through seeping, heart long past weeping,
As Undómiel
Lays down her head -
The end has come,
Her last is done -
Already dead;
And with her love is reborn.

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